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From the author of  Locke In America:  The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era

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The Liberty Blogs

"Governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" (Declaration of Independence).


Government cannot acquire a "just" power the people, themselves, never had and so could not delegate to it. 


Consider what these "self-evident" and founding truths say about just how limited limited government was meant to be.

What does it mean to be great?   The great contains the most good.  Naturally human beings value the things they regard as good and naturally strive to have and hold onto the things they value,  

So how does one even know what to value, what the good is?  By discovering the measure that makes it so.  One simply asks:  good by what standard? 


               The standard, Ayn Rand explained, is LIFE, itself.  That which supports, enhances, extends life is the good.  That which is inimical to life - which creates hardship, suffering, pain, illness, fear or  insecurity - is not good (call it bad, evil, vicious, whatever).


               A nation can be judged good to the extent that its climate enhances the quality of daily life for its inhabitants.  How safe are the nation's streets and neighborhoods?  How much opportunity for personal advancement does the country offer and to how great a range of its inhabitants? 


               Are its residents free of the painful fears and insecurities that come with crime, indiscriminate gang violence, or foreign threats?  9/11 taught all America that if we don't feel safe, we can't feel free.  Has government, charged with protecting and defending the people, itself, becoming intrusive or oppressive, an ever- growing threat to the quality of daily life? 

Put simply, a nation is as great as it is free   America, the freest nation ever to exist became the greatest and most prosperous.  Many now feel that in large and little ways, freedom is under siege and the future is in doubt.  They want to "Make America Great Again." 

See Part 2 to follow:  How Freedom Fostered American Greatness?


The Lessons of History

                It is not easy to ask Americans to believe they are living in the early days of some enveloping  tyranny, or even worse, that it's later than any of us may think. 


                On the surface, nothing suggests that the cherished liberties we so casually take for granted are somehow endangered. Preposterous, right?  Not if one does as the nation's founders did and  study the venerable lessons of history.

Power vs. Liberty 


How Goes the Contest? 

The American people are still free to do what Americans do best - Live and let live.  So most cannot see they are looking at the dawn of a dark tyranny that is slowly descending on them.  That doesn't mean it isn't coming.  Why not look for yourself - in words and pictures.


        The Goodness That Greatness Begot

               The country's critics decry the corrosive effects of capitalism on the social fabric.  Selfishness, they say, rips country and communities apart. No longer do people come together or care for one another.  Concern for the "common good" , is turned into a dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-fittest, look-out-for-#1" wasteland, home to racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, white privilege, rape culture, toxic masculinity and rampant police brutality. 


               You've heard, by now, of "fake news." This is fraudulent cultural criticism on a mind-numbing scale. The race has always had its scoundrels,  But nothing in reality resembles the picture the Progressive critics paint.


Americans, the freest and most prosperous, are 

the most generous and caring people to ever people the planet.  

That's Jerry Lewis whose annual Labor Day Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy brought the world's greatest talents into our homes and raised $2 billion between 1956 and 2010 for "Jerry's Kids."

(here's the real story)


Part 1:  The Forgotten Men & Women of the Country

The greatest gift we the people can give Pres. Trump is a working Republican majority (60 seats) in the U.S. Senate. And we can do that this year? How? Wake your neighbors who also feel "forgotten" and left behind and get them to vote Republican in November's mid-term elections. Here's why that won't be so difficult to do.


Part 2:  The Four Appeals


 To PATRIOTISM (July 4 celebrations)

 To POCKETBOOK (hard 2 make ends meet)

 To PATRONAGE (drain the swamp)

To NATIONAL PRIDE  (America's reaction to NFL players kneeling and disrespecting flag & anthem)

Capitalism is all too  casually thought to  embrace whatever might occur in a society that most people happen to call capitalist.


Political corruption doesn't begin with special interests pleading for special favors, but with politicians thinking they have the lawful power to grant them (at other peoples' expense).  

The Politician's Promise:  "Friends, donors, lobbyists, lend me your ears, I'll keep giving you the special benefits you expect from me, I promise.  Of course, I expect you to keep paying for the privilege.

When Congress confers special benefits on SOME, it denies equal protection under law to ALL.

When & How a republic conceived in Liberty lost its way

The Founding Error

Because the "self-evident" truths enshrined in Jefferson's July 4th Declaration never made it to the U. S. Constitution, the founding principles. as originally understood, would not survive the founding era.

The Declaration & The Constitution:

What's the Connection and What Does It Matter?

What is the LIMIT OF THE LAW?

in the FREE society our FOUNDERS hoped to forge?

Properly understood, the founding principles paint a bright, luminous line in the sand distinguishing the lawful and lawless  powers governments  can claim 

Understanding the Peril That PC Poses

The abiding significance of 9/11

The Liberty Talks 


The Tragedy of Our History

How the Patriots' America Became the Progressives' America


Liberty's Best Kept Secret Weapon

The Forgotten Men and Women of the Country 


Why Leaders Lie?

Confirming Kavanaugh:

What we learned about the Democratic Left, & "we the people"

Open link below for details of this presentation

Why Leaders Lie: 

The American Declaration presents

A timely talk by

Dr. Jerome Huyler

author of

Locke In America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era

Everything You Have:  The Case Against Welfare

"Only In America:  The Goodness That Greatness Begot"

How the Patriot's America Became the Progressive's America

              Every Article, Section, and clause of the Constitution was designed to realize  the "self-evident" truths inscribed in Jefferson's July 4th Declaration.  Although the connection is not that obvious (Hint: To secure Liberty, Power had to be checked and Liberty, in its fullest sense, expressly proclaimed           

             Because the demanding principles proclaimed in the Declaration never found their way into the Constitution, the founding principles would not survive the founding era.​


When did we first go amiss & how did we get from that day to this?

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