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The central feature of a prosperous society is its division of labor. While some produce the goods, others perform the services which individuals need and/or desire.

Since each person's well-[being is, to an enormous exstent, affected by prevailing social and economic conditions, since in  countless ways those conditions are the product of a nation's political enactments, and since here in America we freely elect the men who write the laws, which create the conditions in which we all prosper or perish, each citizen needs to be informed about the political programs that are proposed and adopted in his name

One of the most valuable services required by a free people is the clarification of complex social, economic and political issues.

Because a government that's big enough to give you anythinig you want is big enough to take everything you have and there is no safe way to pay for a runaway welfare state (such as ours), it should be obvious that the majority, the forgotten men and women of the country, can no longer afford to remain silent

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