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The American Declaration presents

A timely talk by

Dr. Jerome Huyler

author of

Locke In America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era

Everything You Have:  The Case Against Welfare

"Only In America:  The Goodness That Greatness Begot"

"Between Two Ages"

How the Patriot's America Turned Into the Progressive's America 


We hop, skip and jump from one hot button headline to the next,  As we wran​gle over a never-ending succession of narrow policy or personality issues and the national debt keeps rising, the really important questions are left entirely unattended

A democracy cannot exist as a permanent

How limited was limited government meant to be?

Was the Constitution designed to fulfill the "self-evident" truths enshrined in Jefferson's July 4 Declaration?

When did we first go amiss, and how did we get from that day to this?


What must government do for us, and what must we be allowed and expected to do for ourselves - and one another?

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