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The American Declaration Presents

Dr. Jerome Huyler speaking on




     The greatest gift we the people can give Pres. Trump is the majority he needs (in both the House and the Senate) to keep the worthy promises he made.

     Our forgotten Americans hold the fate of the country in their hands.  If they rouse themselves, raise their voices and cast their votes in November, then our Liberal professors, Progressive leaders, mainstream media, and all the misguided millennials put together will not succeed in stamping out our liberties for another doomed experiment in utopian socialism.  What will it take

This talk focuses on three down-to-earth appeals that will:


           (1) tap into the fears and frustrations, as well as the deep-seated pride-in-country your friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers already feel, and 

          (2) help them see why they should join the patriotic struggle to preserve the liberties we yet enjoy, restore the rest, and make America grreat and prosperous for good.  

Liberty's Best Kept Secret Weapon:

The Forgotten Men and Women of the Country

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The Three Appeals

1.  The Appeal to Pocketbook

Tell your friends and neighbors:  "If you're paying upwards of 50% in combined local/state/federal taxes, you're already half-slave/half-free. What's American about that?"

These days near every household has two breadwinners, That's because one member's salary must pay the taxes. 


"A government that is big eough to give you ANYTHING YOU WANT  is big enough to take EVERYTHING YOU HAVE"

                                                                (Pres. Gerald Ford, 1976)

2  The Appeal to Patronage

Nearly nothing draws louder cheers and ear-splitting chants from the stadium-sized rallies Pres. Trump continues to mount as his solemn pledge to clean up Washington politics and

"Drain the Swamp." 


American politics is where donors lobbyists, counterfeit capitalists and special interests of every description go to get special benefits at their neighbors' expense.

  And it's the forgotten men and women of the country who are paying for the detestable privilege.

a cess pool of cronyism & corruption 

3. The Appeal to Pride (in flag and country)

               Our forgotten men and women love their country and cherish the freedom & opportunities it offers. They've worked hard and are proud of what they've achieved.      


               Yes, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, they can take the blessings of liberty for granted.  It's a common human affliction.


              But when the country they cherish is threatened, they suddenly realize how much they have and hope to hold onto. 


               (1) They  recoil at those who bash this country for its capitalist greed, its racism, sexism . homophobia, xenophobia, income inequality, white privilege, rape culture, toxic masculinity, rampant police brutality, and sundry other "micro-gressions" our fragile daffodils must "suffer."


               That's just trash talking.  Americans know that their countrymen, the freest and most prosperous, are the most just, generous, and caring people to ever people the planet.

               (2) Our forgotten Americans turn their backs on the NFL players and teams that kneel for nothing before the flag, and the republic for which it stands. 


             (3) Think of the thousands of flags on display in the wake of 9/11.   We learned then and there that if we don't feel SAFE, we can't feel FREE. It was our way of saying to the terrorists, oh no, not in my country you don't.  Military recruitment soon soared. 


That's Jerry Lewis whose annual Labor Day Telethon brought the world's most talented performers into our homes while raising over $2 billion for "Jerry's Kids" and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation for over a half century.  

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You can tell your significant others  how proud we can be of our country, and how vigilant we must now be, as well 

About the Speaker

Jerome Huyler is a former assistant professor (Seton Hall University).  He holds a PhD. in political science and is the author of Locke in America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era, Everything You Have: The Case Against Welfare, and "Only in America: The Goodness That Greatness Begot."  Dr. Huyler speaks occasionally on historical, patriotic and current political issues.

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