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The Tragedy of Our History

July 4th 1776 and It's Aftermath

          July 4 1776 may well be regarded as the single greatest day in mankind's history.  After centuries of struggle and strife, the principles of Liberty and Equality for all were at last (if at least) declared to be the true test of political legitimacy. Unfortunately, it's been mainly downhill ever since. 

         You see, because the "self-evident" truths enshrined in the Declaration of Independence took up scant space in the U. S. Constitution, the founding principles, as originally conceived, would not survive the founding era.

It's a complex story, but it's a tale worth telling and a lesson well worth learning


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What's the Connection & What Does It Matter?

Jerome Huyler, PhD

Author of Locke In America: The Moral Philsopohy of the Founding Era

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