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The American Declaration 

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       Liberty's Best Kept Secret Weapon

Part One: The Forgotten Men & Women of the Country

Try As He May, He Can't Do It Alone

Heading 2

The greatest gift we the people can give Pres. Trump is a working Republican majority

(60 seats) in the U. S. Senate. And we can do it this year.  How? By waking our neighbors

who feel as forgotten and left behind as the rest of us, and getting them to the polls for this November's mid-term elections. Fortunately, that won't be that difficult to do.  Here's why:

            While the pundits told America's voters who they SHOULD vote for in 2016,  and the pollsters confidently predicted who they WOULD vote for, the forgotten men and women of the country elected Donald Trump, instead. They were so forgotten no national polling organization bothered to tally their actual preferences before the vote.  It's no wonder, many of them had never voted before.

            Since then torrents of hostility have rained down on the president.  The "Resistance" is bent on  destroying his agenda and driving him from office.  For the Progressive Left, so much is riding on the "Blue Wave," i.e., the great Democratic triumph already scheduled for later this year.  Should the House or Senate fall into Democratic hands, impeachment will be that body's foremost agenda item.

Heading 2

Our colleges & cultural Elites won't save us;              these men & women might


How can that runaway train be stopped?   Who can prevent America from becoming California? 

We, the people. 

Simply  send nine or ten more Republicans than are currently serving to the U. S. Senate and our President will have the support he needs to keep the promises he made:


to end burdensome regulations,

cut oppressive tax levels,

gut unneeded spending programs,

drain the swamp,

close the border, and

prepare for war in order to preserve the peace.

   How To Save a Country In Crisis

            Resolve to tap into the feelings and frustrations of your friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers whenever the opportunity arises.  How many of them knew in their bones that the country was headed in the wrong direction and woke up long enough to put Mr. Trump on (or keep Hillary off) the White House lawn?  


They and many many more must be encouraged to keep paying attention and participating in politics. It may not seem like it, but the hour is late and the levels of public spending and accumulating public debt, more than dangerous.  So how can our forgotten Americans be  encouraged to remain politically engaged?


When it comes to communication, one must first find a point of agreement and express it.  Fortunately, there are four such points, four genuine feelings that can be appealed to when pursuing this vital mission :

The appeal to . . .

  •      PATRIOTISM (the spirit of '76 still comes out every July 4th)


  •      POCKETBOOK (shrink the size and expense of gov't and we'll make daily life much easier than it now is)


  •      PATRONAGE (i.e., the urgent need to DRAIN THE SWAMP and end the corruption. When gov't confers special benefits on SOME it denies equal protection under law to ALL.


  •      ​NATIONAL PRIDE  (Americans are proud of their country.  Look how they responded to the NFL players disrespect for flag and anthem these past years)

See how powerful these appeals can be

in Part Two

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