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The American Declaration Presents

Another Timely Talk for a Troubled Time

by Jerome Huyler, PhD.

author of Locke In America: The Moral Philosophy of the Founding Era, Everything You Have: The Case Against Welfare and "Only In America: The Goodness That Greatness Begot"

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 Why Leaders Lie


Enduring Lessons  the Kavanaugh Hearings Left  Behind

The  Kavanaugh confirmation hearings  revealed  a great deal about  the  Democrat Left  - and the  public 's reaction to its  deplorable  conduct."  Those  lessons  must not be ignored.

 Here are the questions

What grave threat did Brett Kanvanaugh pose to the Democratic Left's special agenda?


Why did  the Democrats' decision to abandon both truth and fairness, to say and do anything to defeat Kavanaugh so disturb and even disgust so many viewers? And what does that tell us about "we the people?" 

How do habits of dishonesty form and fester at the highest levels of public power?


If the Democratic Left isn't out to find truth or pursue  justice, what is it pursuing?


What is Power and why did America's founders worry about its awful influence on human affairs?  Their Constitution carefully separated power, placing it in three sovereign political branches.  They made power, itself, a check on power?


What is it about the culture of Capitalism that allows the Democratic Left to JUSTIFY the many lies, distortions and omissions it repeatedly spreads?   Why do leaders think it's okay to lie?

 Like today's Wall Street Occupiers and Minimum-Wage warriors, Nazi stalwarts, too, started out a faint voice in an ideologically diverse political wilderness.  But tough times and promises of national renewal brought a mighty orator to the fore.  Powerful rhetoric and a chest-pounding push for power eventually gave rise to the twin sorrows of terror and tyranny.  Propaganda, indoctrination and the silencing of all dissent led a nation and world to ruin. The early days are  poignantly depicted in the 1940 movie, The Mortal Storm.  Every American should check it out.  


Is it nuts to compare America to Nazi Germany?  Not really.  What has the spreading culture of political correctness meant for free thought and expression in America?  How greatly have the rampant accusations of racism, sexism, toxic masculinity, ubiquitous "hate" and sundry "micro-aggressions" already undercut our will to confidently speak out against such absurd protests? 


Where is America headed? 

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